Will In Action encourage the public to discuss life and death issues with their family members with an open mind, so that they can share and convey their will to donate organs which will in turn brings hope to many other lives and families.

Sadly the rate of organ donation in Hong Kong has been staying low. However, the number of those who are queuing for organ transplantation and struggling between life and death remains huge – all time around 3,000 persons! According to research conducted by Department of Health, the key reason for the extremely low organ donation rate in Hong Kong is that most family members do not know the organ donation will of their deceased member!


Dr Beatrice Cheng from Hospital Authority said, “Many people who have just lost their beloved family member have a common emotion, Hard to Accept, which hinders the best opportunity for organ transplantation.” Dr Cheng cited a story: There was once a youngster who was suffering from cerebral death caused by the bursting of a blood vessel inside the brain. The parents were hesitated to make an organ donation. Not too long afterward, they found a signed organ donation card from their child’s relics. Dr Cheng added, “The parents were very upset for not helping their child to accomplish his last will. Therefore, whether or not you wish to donate your organ, please do talk to your other family members. Our body is our most valuable assess, so please make your choice when you still can.”’

Through the donation of kidney, cornea, liver, heart, bone, bone marrow and skin, an organ donation decision can save 7 lives in maximum! Please consider to plan your own life and at the end to save the others’ life with love. It would be a beautiful affair to make your life perfect!

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