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身前行動學校巡迴劇 寧波第二中學
Completed 100 shows of “Life Education School Drama Tour” titled “Happy Running Line” 2022

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, completion of the Drama Tour had been deferred from early 2022 to September 2022. The last show was performed at Ning Po No.2 College with around 250 students attended and participated in the performance.

A total of 100 shows of the Drama Tour were performed as planned, reaching out to over 25,000 students.  Positive messages of life education were delivered though the fun-filled and interactive drama performance.  Special thanks to the Board of Management of Chinese Permanent Cemeteries (BMCPC) for their full support and sponsorship, our cooperating drama club 遊劇團 for their dedicated performance, and all principals and teachers of the participating schools for their highly flexible arrangements allowing us to conduct the drama through digital media or physical performance according to the development of the pandemic.

WIA Founder Mrs. Annie Liu Yip spoke at CIBS
RTHK CIBS "The breakthrough of transplant by HEART" series 2022
(繁) 「生命教育學校巡迴話劇」之「喜跑線」 2019/2022

Today, although the Hong Kong society is in general very prosperous, behind the scenery is life filled with pressures in many aspects.  This certainly affects the growth of our newer generations.  In recent years, incidents of self-mutilation and suicide of young people have occurred more frequently, which has drawn attention to the rash attitude of young people in dealing with emotional problems and life. As an organization dedicated to promoting life education in Hong Kong, WILL IN ACTION hopes to instill to young people a positive attitude towards life, and assist them to avoid of passive and negative emotions.  We hope that students can take a life education class easily and happily in the form of drama performance, through which to break the taboo of talking about life and death as much as possible.  Eventually to prevent more similar incidents happen.

Thanks to the Board of Management of Chinese Permanent Cemeteries (BMCPC) for their full support by sponsoring this “Life Education School Drama Tour” titled “Happy Running Line”.  Together with the “Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Association”, “Po Leung Kuk” and “St. James” “Welfare Society” as our supporting partners, we set  secondary school students as our main target audience.  The repertoire echoes the modern life of young people, and encourages young people to learn to live in the moment, properly handle emotional problems and cherish life.  Forty school plays have already been completed for the 2019-2021 school year. In view of the enthusiastic participation of the school, we has gratefully received the support of BMCPC to add 60 more drama performances, making a total of 100 performances.

This dram tour is an interactive short play called “Happy Running Line”. The main storyline is that young people nowadays love to run their live broadcast social on media.  They are motivated by receiving as much “likes” from their social media followers as possible. Through direct interaction between the drama actors and the students, students not only watch the performance as an audience, but also interact with the actors in the process to understand the pressure faced by the people in the play and provide relief methods. We hope that through this participation, students can realize that every word they say has the opportunity to have an unexpected impact on others.

(繁) 「賈思樂 ME & MY GIRLS in Concert 2019」 2019

WILL IN Action was once again invited to be the beneficiary organization of “Louie Castro ME & MY GIRLS in Concert 2019″. Two shows of the Concert were run on 12th and 13th November 2019 at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Six lady friends and singers of Louie including Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Alice Chan Wai, Anne Heung, Jaime Chik Mei Chun, Amy Chan Sau Man and Shirley Yeung Sze Ki performed at the Concert as special guests. The revenue after costs deducted was donated to WILL IN ACTION in support of our operations. However, the show on the 13th was cancelled due to the unpredictable social incidence and traffic conditions on that day.  Louie expressed his deep apologizes to all audience affected.

(繁) 身前行動器官捐贈培訓教育獎學金 2017/2018

WILL IN ACTION set up an Overseas Training Fund to support personnel involved in organ donation to study and exchange overseas. Ms. Tong Yuen-fen, who is currently an Organ Donation Liaison Officer of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, was allocated HK$25,000 to support part of the expenses of her attending a relevant advanced training in Spain.  The training required Ms. Tong to attend a five-day face-to-face organ donation training course at the Faculty of Medicine the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain from March 5th to March 9th, 2018, and on March 12th, 2018 A four-week internship at the Hospital Universitario Marques de Valdecilla, Santander, Spain until April 6th.

Upon her return from Spain, Mis. Tong shared with us when she had learned from the course and her inspiration.  Two of the points were related to public education and medical operations: 1) In Spain, organ donation was included in the subject of life and death education, which gives their citizens a positive attitude and respect towards organ donation.  It is not a tabooed subject to discuss and communicate with family members.  Spain also pursue an “opt-out scheme” for organ donation.  2) In the Spanish medical system, organ donation is included in the standard procedure for dealing with deceased persons.  In contrast, every organ donation arrangement in Hong Kong needs to be coordinated with relevant medical units on a case-by-case basis.  Miss Tang also expressed her views from a medical professional’s point of view.

WILL IN ACTION is pleased to report that public donations raised have been effectively used to promote professional training to enhance the effectiveness of organ donation in Hong Kong.

Louie Castro ME & MY GIRLS in Concert 2017 2017/2018

WILL IN ACTIOM was designated to be the beneficiary organization of ” Louie Castro ME & MY GIRLS in Concert 2017″.  The Concert was in celebration of Mr. Louie Castro’s 40th anniversary of participating in performance industry.  Two shows were run on June 5 and June 6, 2017 at the Hong Kong Cultural Center.  Six lady friends and renowned singers were invited to be Louie’s special guests at the Concert.  They included Linda Wong Hing-Ping, Vivian Lai Shui Yan, Mimi Lo Man Chong, Adia Chan Chung-ling, Rita Maria Carpio and Joyce Lee Lok Sze.  The revenue after costs deducted was donated to WILL IN ACTION in support of our operations.

School Touring Life Education Drama - The Choice 2016/2017

What is the value of life? There has been a growing number of self-injurious and suicide incidents in related to youth in the past few years. The forgoing attitude of youth towards live and emotional problems has raised public concern.  Having life education as one of our core missions, Will In Action has launched a programme in 2016 to convey positive messages to the general youth, through a relaxing and interesting educational activity to help avoid more similar incidents.

With a generous sponsorship by The Board of Management of The Chinese Permanent Cemeteries, WIA kicked off a programme namely School Touring Life Education Drama – The Choice, with which we will be running 30 drama shows at no charge to local secondary schools and tertiary institutions during 2016 and 2017.  Through The Choice, we hope to arouse a positive attitude towards life and death in a relaxing, lively and stimulative manner to encourage youth to face and tackle adversity with courage and a positive mind.

The Choice, in contrast to traditional drama, adopt a “forum theatre” approach of performance. Participating students not only can enjoy the drama but also will have the chance to make direct interaction with the artistes on stage.  Since its launch in 2016, the drama has been receiving positive feedbacks from both the school teachers and the students. We sincerely hope the students can be inspired of a positive attitude towards handling challenges in their life journey to come. For the photos and details of the past shows, please refer to our programme facebook.

“DEMOLITION” Film Gala Premiere 2016-04-14

Will In Action was invited to be a supporting organisation to the movie premiere of DEMOLITION on 14th April 2017.  The movie described the bereavement and reborn of a man who suffered the loss of his wife. It would inspire audience of the meaning of facing loss and building a full new life.

Johnnie To with You “30 Sec Creative Video-making Contest of Organ Donation” 2015-04

Produce creative motion picture for the affection for organ donation register!

Will In Action launched the first video-making competition with the theme of promoting organ donation, namely Johnnie To with You “30 Sec Creative Video-making Contest of Organ Donation”. The award ceremony was held successfully on 22 August 2015 at LePinacle, Sai Wan. A number of good videos were collected. Through the programme, we hope to significantly boost up the number of registered organ donors. Our target is to raise the registered number from 2% to 3% in one year!

The competition consists of three categories -“Student”, “Open” and “Professional”, offering different levels of challenge for participants. The champion of each category was not only awarded a cash prize and gifts valued up to over HK$20,000, but also granted an opportunity to enjoy a special lunch with Mr Johnnie To. In addition, those who passed the first round assessment of the “Professional Category” would be able to enjoy an one-hour filming session with a designated artiste arranged by Will In Action.

Welcome to view the ceremony highlights here (Kick-off Ceremony; Award Ceremony). Please click here for the winner list. For the other details, please refer to our Facebook fan page.

Run For Your Lives Hong Kong - Let lives extend with love! 2014-10-02

Will In Action was selected as the Official Beneficiary of a 5km international race – Run For your Lives Hong Kong, which is an obstacle run with a lot of fun. It’s successfully held on Thursday, 2nd October 2014 at West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, West Kowloon Cultural District. The response was overwhelming!

Action X, the event organiser, not only sent us donation, but also arranged a promotional counter for us to spread the message about organ donation to 13,000 “Zombie” and “Survivor” participants. We also spread the positive message of “Capture the moment, Cherish now!”  via instant photo charity sales on spot.

The donation generated from the event will go to a special scholarship fund for supporting those passionate in organ donation to attend related overseas programmes and conferences.  We hope the applicants acquire the most updated and useful knowledge and contribute to the development of organ donation in Hong Kong. This can help to attain life from death for those end stage organ failure patients who are desperately waiting for an organ.