WIA advocates Living a Full Life through understanding death and building up a correct attitude towards life-and-death, and thus to treasure life, plan for life, and to live a wonderful happy life. The conceptual model of 2L & 3W can be a very useful tool to assist one to practice Life Planning.

2 L
Life Meaning: Meaning-making of life and death
Life Review: Achievement of ego integrity

3 W
Living Will: Advance directives and advance care planning which ease patients’ pain and maintain their dignity and keep their family away from dispute, difficulty and regret for making the decision for the patients.
Will: Estate planning and funeral arrangement including charitable organ donation will
Life Wisdom: Finishing the unfinished business and passing on personal wisdom or legacy and thus to ease the lives for both oneself and the beloved ones.

Practice & Action Plan List   pdf_icon
“Getting excited even before embark!” Many people are willing to spend several weeks and even months to plan for a leisure travelling journey. Is it more important for us spare time and sit down to plan for our life journey?

CPD Professional Life Education Course   pdf_icon
With Centre on Behavioral Health of The University of Hong Kong as our strategic partner, we are offering the first professional Life Education Course as a continuing profession development series for financial/wealth planners. Our goal is to extend this course to other professional sectors across Hong Kong.


To recognise personal attitude towards life and death
To handle death and bereavement experience for customers and oneself
To strengthen relevant communication skills for facing the affected customers and their family in need
To strengthen relevant emotion control and counselling skills in order to equip oneself as a professional carer


Concepts and theories on life education
Handle anxieties and emotions in related to death
8A life-and-death psychological education mode
Practice and action plan – 2L and 3W mode
Professional knowledge on Advance Directive

Light Up Lives
WIA partnered with Department of Health and Hong Kong Society of Transplantation in promoting organ donation and successfully released a real case video series named “Light Up Lives” in 2010.

LifeCare Movement
WIA supports LifeCare Movement jointly initiated by The Life Underwriters Association of Hong Kong (LUA) and LUA Foundation. This programme aims at promoting Life Education and Insurance Policy Donation.