Will In Action (WIA) is a registered non-profit organisation (registration no. 91/10745) established in 2009 by a group of passionate people coming from different professionalwalks of life but sharing the same philanthropic passion. Founding members include entertainers, healthcare workers, social workers, educationists, insurance and financial professionals, and other enthusiastic individuals. WIA strives to advocate a positive attitude towards life and death, and hence bring the most joyous and splendid life both for ourselves and people around.
Our Missions

To live a full life through understanding death. By confronting the fact of death, we retrospect to life and explore the measures for developing our life value for the happiest and fullest life.

Our Funds & Visions

Donations received will go to supporting our educational and promotional activities and services to advocate advanced life planning for people in Hong Kong and, if deemed appropriate, other parts of the world.

Our Logo

WIA’s logo is inspired by a tree of wishes: we sincerely hope more people can enhance their lives through devoting their selfless love to each other. Let’s turn our love into wishes!

Our Alliances

Special thanks to the many organisations sharing the same vision as us for offering professional support to our work.